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Mamadee Konneh Charity Foundation envisions an Africa where every vulnerable individual in every community has the resources and opportunity to reach their unlimited potential.

We have already piloted our food aid program in N’Zerekore with tremendous success. We will continue to provide food assistance to poor families with children, microloans to small farmers and artisans, and education assistance to students (backpacks, pens, pencils, writing pads, and uniforms in addition to food aid.

Our water project team will prioritize the construction of cost-effective handpump wells to bring safe and clean water to rural dwellers who lack access to clean water.  We are driven by a sense of purpose and motivated to serve humanity.

Our work will save lives and strengthen family capacities, vastly improve the chances of children going to school and finishing school, enhance intellectual growth, and eradicate poverty. The urgent need to act is now! Join us in this worthy cause!


 Our mission is to provide nutrition, clean water, microloans, and education assistance to vulnerable populations in Southeastern Guinea, West Africa, to break the cycle of chronic hunger, illiteracy, and abject poverty. 


Over the last decade, Milwaukee resident and alumni of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Mamadee Konneh, has provided food assistance, and cash payments to cover rent and medical expenses and education assistance to thousands of adults and children in NZerekore, Guinea.  In July of this year, he donated 100 bags of rice to 100 families through the generosity of Jason Boesel and Jake Dehne. Overwhelmed with joy and emotion, a beneficiary said, “ For the first time in several months, my kids and I will not go to bed hungry tonight, and tomorrow we will still have something to eat.” “May God forever blesses you and those who made this happen,” another recipient expressed. 

 Reactions like these and many more inspired Mamadee to conceptualize a sustained approach for not only providing relief but empowering the vulnerable populations in this part of Africa. In August, the idea of Mamadee Konneh Charity Foundation was born. 

The Republic of Guinea has a population of 13 million people. Most of the inhabitants reside in rural areas in deplorable conditions. Some of the most affected demographics include young children, disabled and elderly individuals, and women. The United Nations World Food Programme estimates that women constitute 60 percent of people suffering from chronic hunger, and they also make up the majority of rural people living in poverty.  Even though the role of women in the food production and food preparation processes is critical in Guinea, they, however, lack access to education and income-generation activities. Women and children often carry the onerous burden of providing for their families. 

Forced to become breadwinners for their disabled or elderly parents, children work in various informal sectors. However, their meager earnings are grossly insufficient to sustain their families amidst the daily struggles for survival. These dynamics often compelled many disillusioned teens and adolescents into a general state of depression and hopelessness for the future. Many sadly fall into the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty. The few who can afford it try to escape the painful economic and social circumstances by illegally migrating to Europe through dangerous boat rides across the Mediterranean. 

In Guinea, like many countries in West Africa, there are no Western-style social programs or safety nets to assist vulnerable individuals and families. There is no unemployment compensation program for jobless employees. There are no Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security benefits, Medical Assistance, or Supplemental Nutrition programs. Also, many rural dwellers lack access to safe water to drink, cook and wash. The living conditions of rural inhabitants are dire. However, there are endless possibilities for change and the betterment of their circumstances.  Empowerment Across Africa’s founding is rooted in the belief that those possibilities can become realities. With your support, we can change lives in a significant way.  

Meet The Team


Mamadee Konneh
Founder & Executive Director

Mamadee Konneh is the founder and CEO of the Mamadee Konneh Charity Foundation. Mamadee is a former refugee from Liberia. As a child, Mamadee was forced to flee his country with his parents in the early 1990s due to a brutal civil war in which a quarter of a million people were killed.

Alhaji Morris Kromah.jpeg

Morris M. Kromah

IT Director

Morris M. Kromah is the Information Technology Director for MK Charity Foundation


Miss Colleen Welti

Miss Colleen Welti is the Secretary for the MK Charity Foundation

Copy of autobiography Book Cover Template.jpg

Jake Dehne, CFO /
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jake Dehne is the Chief Operating Officer for the MK Charity Foundation. 

Mohammed Sheriff.jpg

Mohammed Sheriff

Mr. Mlohammed Sheriff is the Advisor to the MK Charity Foundation

Jason Boesel.jpg

Jason Boesel
Associate Director

Mr. Jason Boesel is the Associate Director for the MK Charity Foundation

Oumar Konneh.jpg

Omar Konneh
Field Coordinator

Mr. Omar Konneh is the Field Coordinator for the MK Charity Foundation. 

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